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If you are in the middle of a divorce, life is probably already more complicated than you want it to be. If you and your spouse agree on the importance of avoiding drawn-out court proceedings, consider Divorce Financially for divorce mediation in St. Paul and all of Minnesota. Contact us online or call 952-428-7800 today for a free virtual consultation.

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Divorce Mediation is a form of an alternative dispute resolution

Minnesota family law allows clients to resolve disputes without hiring attorneys and going through an elaborate court process. Mediation represents one form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Divorce mediation allows you and your partner to settle issues such as child custody, child support, and spousal support. Because both parties agree to try to resolve conflicts with each other, clients avoid the lawyers, court fees, and a potentially lengthy court proceeding.

A divorce mediator is a skilled professional with extensive conflict resolution and family law knowledge. The mediator might or might not have training as a lawyer, but their role differs from the attorney-client relationship in conventional divorce proceedings. An attorney advocates for clients, while a mediator serves as a neutral third party.

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It is not necessary to have an attorney for mediation services. However, attorneys often advise clients about their rights and the legal consequences of decisions during the mediation process.

the benefits of divorce mediation

A divorce case often seems like a zero-sum game. In alternative dispute resolution and mediation, the focus shifts from who gets more to how to move forward. Mediation helps you and your partner use the assets you each have to create fulfilling lives.

It is easier for our clients to move forward when the divorce process itself focuses on repairing financial damage caused by the end of a marital relationship.

Couples with minor children face a dilemma in divorce court, which many describe as an adversarial court system. One person might be able to gain better child custody or visitation terms by portraying their partner negatively. However, in doing so, they risk eroding the relationship that they still have with each other as parents.

Couples dealing with challenging issues such as domestic violence and substance abuse might wish to attempt dispute resolution in a more private context of mediation rather than involving the legal system during the divorce proceeding.

how it works and what to expect

The first step in the mediation process involves getting to know your mediator. Unlike an attorney in conventional litigation, the mediator is not there to make a case but to resolve conflict by finding common ground. During this time, the mediator will get to know you, your partner, and your family circumstances.

Next, you will discuss the facts of the case, the history, the assets you each control, and household cash flow. Divorcing couples with children should also discuss family life and their experiences with their children. At this point, you and your partner will provide financial documents to the mediator so that they can understand your situation.

These documents include:

  • Tax returns
  • Paystubs
  • Account statements
  • Benefits information

The mediator will also ask you what you want to achieve through the divorce proceedings. Do you want to be co-parents with your spouse, or are you seeking sole custody? What are your expectations for property division?

Although property and parenting issues can become complicated and a source of contention, the overarching principles in Minnesota family law are equitability and fairness. The court will not necessarily split the asset pool fifty-fifty.

As you and your partner express and discuss your needs, goals, and expectations, you will present a clearer picture of the assets and support you need to move forward with your life, and your partner will do the same. The mediator helps you find a win-win scenario that allows you, your partner, and your children to achieve what you want and need.

The ADR process concludes when both you and your partner reach an agreement. For divorce mediation in St. Paul, the mediator drafts legal documents that formalize the arrangement, consistent with Minnesota Law.

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Divorce Financially is an established practice with experience in family law. We offer financial planning and mediation services for couples and families, serving clients in St Louis Park, Cottage Grove, Saint Paul, and other communities in the Twin Cities area.

Protect your loved ones from the psychological effects of a contested divorce. Avoid the costs and emotional toll of litigation, depositions, and court appearances. Constructively resolve disputes with professional divorce mediation from Divorce Financially.

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