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We believe that every family is unique and so we provide an informal initial consultation to learn about you and your family’s needs and educate you on your options.

Who We Are

We are experienced professionals, who listen deeply, don't judge, and take the time to educate.


Divorce mediation is a respectful way to do divorce differently. Participants in a mediated divorce dissolve their marriage outside of the courts, with the help of trained legal, financial, and mental health professionals, that guide the clients as they problem-solve their financial issues and make informed decisions for themselves and children.

Amy J. Wolff, CFP ®, CDFA®

What Sets Us Apart


We are Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA®) and mediators. We understand a large part of your divorce is resolving financial issues and we feel financial guidance should be from financial professionals.

We Provide Peace Of Mind

Your family and circumstances are unique to you. We provide financial education and perspective to help you come up with a plan that will work.

We Are Experienced

We’ve developed a unique process that works and we have helped over 2,000 families and individuals navigate their divorce.

How We Serve

We serve families and individuals, helping them navigate through their divorce process in the following ways:


We work with you and your spouse in an interest-based negotiation process to help solve the financial issues of divorce. Most clients start with this process if they don’t want to hire attorneys (or are unsure), but want to begin the financial piece. We are very flexible and will tailor this process to meet your family’s needs.


Why Collaborative? Choosing to take the steps towards a collaborative approach to divorce can preserve family, be less costly and quicker, improve communication, be a healing experience, develop skills for the future, provide an outcome controlled by the couple. During individual meetings with your attorney you will gain knowledge of what to expect from them as well as the four way meetings that will take place between you, your spouse, and each of your lawyers. Ground rules and the agenda will be explained to you in simple terms. Financial information including assets, income, and expenses will need to be gathered prior to the four way meeting. Lastly, you and your attorney will assess the needs of children and consider personal interests and goals.


If you prefer one-party support, we provide a view of various settlement options to help you chart the course that best meets your life and financial goals. We bring real facts and numbers to the table to clarify any gray areas in the settlement process. This option is often chosen when one spouse is reluctant to work with other professionals, as well as when your divorce is close to being finalized, but you want an objective financial evaluation to ensure that everything is accounted for and you’re not making any big mistakes. This process is also helpful to educate and get one party up-to-speed on financials, if they haven’t handled family finances previously.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

We have developed a unique process that is efficient and flexible to meet your needs. We are financial planners who are trained mediators and have helped over 2,000 families and individuals.

Overall lowered costs because there will be no court costs. You will save time and stress. The average time frame for a litigated divorce is 9 months to 2 years. The average timeframe with divorce mediation is 2-4 months.

Mediation is simply a very powerful process.

Experienced divorce mediators are able to focus on the real concerns of spouses and parents (their “interests”) and not merely their view of what is required to protect themselves or their children (their “positions”). Divorce mediation works because the parties can directly hear the other party’s concerns and, with the assistance of the neutral mediator, accommodate those concerns without unnecessarily compromising their own interests.

Free from the role of acting as an advocate for a single party (the ethical obligation of an attorney), a mediator can envision options that neither party (nor their counsel) imagined!

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