Once you have decided to retain Divorce Financially, there are several forms that you may need to complete. The forms and Other Documents list provided below are helpful in collecting information to make the data gathering process of your divorce as painless as possible.

Client Questionnaire
If you have completed a similar form for your attorney, please feel free to provide us with a copy of that form instead.

Six Month Cash Flow (PDF) (Excel)

Other Documents that may be helpful in analyzing your finances:

  • Most recent completed tax return
  • Current payroll check stub
  • Social security statement
  • Current investment information (copies of statements)
  • Retirement plan documents (copies of statements)
  • Existing insurance policies (life/disability/long-term care)
  • Group benefits and insurance information
  • Home mortgage information/statement(s)
  • Credit card statement(s)
  • Car loan statement(s)
  • Any other information that you think might be pertinent If you have a divorce offer or proposal that you would like help analyzing, it may not be necessary for you to complete the above forms. Simply providing copies of documents from your mediation or divorce settlement sessions may be sufficient. Please feel free to contact us regarding your specific situation.