To empower individuals to understand and take control of their finances, we partner with Daisy Camp to co-host the unique virtual workshops listed below. Daisy Camp is a non-profit organization offering one-of-a-kind presentations given by professionals who educate women about all aspects of divorce and life after divorce.

If you feel unsure of the financial steps involved in the divorce process, we can help provide education around the key financial areas:

  • Balance Sheet/Property Division
  • Budgeting
  • Tax Considerations
  • Family Support (child support and spousal maintenance)
  • Retirement Considerations

You’re getting a divorce. What should you do first? How will you get through this? At Daisy Camp you’ll learn from premier Twin Cities divorce experts.

Sessions include:

  • Legal School 101 and Divorce
  • Financial Game Plan

Often an overwhelming time for women emotionally, there is also an endless list of “housekeeping” issues to take care of.  This workshop will help walk you through them in three sections:

  1. Tidy Up Your Loose Ends – Empowering you to get your life in order.
  2. Feng Shui Your Finances – Combine the art of budgeting and the science of taxes.
  3. Equities are a Girl’s Best Friend – Investing 101

Upcoming Dates 

July 25, 2024 (11:30am-1:00pm)
October 10, 2024 (4:30-6:00opm)

Upcoming Dates

August 8, 2024 (4:00-6:30pm)
November 14, 2024 (4:00-6:30pm)

Upcoming Dates 

September 19, 2024 (4:00-5:30pm)