Individual Support

We often work directly with you and your attorney, to provide education and modeling to help you chart the course that best meets your life and financial goals. We bring real facts and numbers to the table to clarify any gray areas in the settlement process.

Here are some specific areas we can address for you.  Note this list is not all inclusive and we can assist with just about any financial related divorce question you may have.

  • Educate you on your family’s financial situation to help you understand what your financial picture may look like if you move forward with divorce.
  • Develop your monthly budgets, to be utilized in your mediation or settlement conversations.
  • Evaluate housing decisions – keep the house, re-finance the mortgage, explore new housing options.
  • Crunch numbers to better understand your tax situation and impact due to filing status change, and if taking your children’s exemptions is beneficial to you.
  • Evaluate your property division options and how growth potential, liquidity, tax consequence, and risk factor in.
  • Educate you on financial topics, so you are up to speed and more comfortable attending settlement sessions, and more informed in making decisions.
  • Provide feedback on the advantages and disadvantages of various settlement options being suggested; help you to put together options for consideration and/or counter proposals.
  • Run scenarios to illustrate the impact of accepting settlement options today and to help you understand what you need to do to reach longer-term financial goals.
  • Discuss investment in yourself, to increase your earning potential.
  • Guide you in managing emotions, so financial decisions are fact-based and lead you to success.
  • Level the playing field in situations where your spouse has significantly increased financial experience.

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