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At Divorce Financially, we understand going through a divorce can be a lengthy, expensive process. Our company offers years of financial and mediation services to those in Plymouth, MN. Regardless of your assets or divorce disputes, our experienced divorce mediators can help you settle the divorce process or find an equally effective alternative dispute resolution.

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So what is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative to going through the court process to get a divorce. If both parties are in agreement to end their marriage, these services provide a quick way to resolve issues between family members. Compared to traditional divorce, divorce mediation in Plymouth is significantly faster and less stressful.

Clients work with a professional mediator to help make an agreement on financial and family law issues, including distributing assets, creating a family plan, and determining spousal maintenance.

asset and liability distribution

In Minnesota, assets and liabilities don’t divide evenly, meaning one party could be entitled to more property than the other party. The court will decide which person gets certain assets.

child support

Parents must legally provide their children with ample financial support, even after a divorce.

child custody

A divorcing family must consider their children’s life. The mediator can also help couples decide which parties will get rights to visitation and custody during the mediation process.

Mediators remain unbiased throughout the meeting and help parties resolve legal issues and prevent further conflict while discussing these matters. Typically, your mediator has prior experience as an attorney or other legal professional.

spousal support

When one person doesn’t have the financial means to maintain their lifestyle and pay their expenses after a divorce, spousal maintenance payments provide financial assistance to the disenfranchised individual. Minnesota law may qualify you for such alimony.

The benefits of divorce mediation services

A mediated divorce brings several benefits that a traditional divorce does not offer. Whether you’re in Plymouth or Plymouth County, you’ll reap the following advantages during your family mediation meeting.

  • Reduces conflict between parties and their children
  • Encourages creativity and openness during discussions
  • Provides a more reasonable agreement between parties
  • Parties are more likely to stick to the agreed divorce documents
  • Creates a basis for successful co-parenting
  • Ensures confidentiality
  • The attorney-client relationship remains professional without being in a courtroom setting
  • Quicker, easier, less stressful divorces
  • You can use your best judgment instead of relying on a judge who doesn’t know your situation or family members personally

One of the best benefits of getting mediation is the cost. Hiring a lawyer can be incredibly pricey. By getting a mediator, both individuals can avoid hiring a legal professional to facilitate their divorce and save money.

If you need legal representation, a family law expert from Divorce Financially can help clients during this dispute, or you can bring your own lawyer from Plymouth.

here's what to expect during mediation meetings

When getting mediation for divorce, Plymouth county couples should bring all necessary divorce documents to the meeting. You’ll go through five stages to complete the divorce process out of court.

  • Introduction Stage: Couples provide essential information about themselves and their reasons for divorce. The mediator will detail what happens in each meeting.
  • Gathering Stage: Mediation professionals will gather information about your case and analyze financial documents to provide the most accurate agreement.
  • Framing Stage: Each spouse describes their reasons for wanting a divorce and its many potential outcomes so the negotiator can find a middle ground.
  • Negotiating Stage: The mediator helps the couple negotiate an adequate settlement and details possible outcomes.
  • Conclusion Stage: Mediators create a draft of the agreement. The couple reviews the document and files the final settlement agreement.

we can help you get divorced

If you need divorce mediation, Plymouth features one of the area’s best, most reliable businesses. Divorce Financially is here to help make this stressful time pass quickly when you want a skilled, knowledgeable, caring family law expert. Our team offers a free consultation for first-time clients.

Are you looking for a fast and effortless divorce without a court process? Only one Plymouth, MN, business offers such caring and streamlined mediation to resolve your divorce: Divorce Financially. Contact us today at Divorce Financially and see how our practice can help by calling (952) 428-7800.

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