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When you want successful and quick divorce mediation. Brooklyn Park residents can trust Divorce Financially. At Divorce Financially, our team believes finances are a driving force in nearly every divorce. Thanks to professionals with years of financial and mediation experience, we prioritize the financial aspects of your divorce to help you make an agreement easily.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of our services then speak to the financial and divorce mediation professionals in Brooklyn Park. Our team features attorneys, legal professionals, and financial specialists. Contact our team by calling (952) 428-7800 or fill out our contact form online.

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what is divorce mediation?

Marriage doesn’t always last forever, but getting a traditional divorce can be costly and drawn-out. Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that makes the divorce process faster, easier, and more straightforward. A mediation service such as Divorce Financially can aid you in dissolving your marriage and help both parties reach a successful agreement.

Instead of going through a lengthy court process, a divorcing couple can get a divorce decree through a neutral third party. This neutral mediator will usually have prior work history as an attorney and have considerable litigation experience.

Regarding divorce mediation, Brooklyn Park mediators may have some experience. However, a neutral negotiator is crucial in preventing the case from escalating to the family court system. Instead of relying on attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals, parties make their own agreements using their better judgment of the situation.

During your divorce mediation, you’ll discuss the following:

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Assets and liabilities division

The mediator helps you make decisions on how much parenting time and alimony each party gets, prioritizes child custody concerns, helps determine which parties get which assets, and keeps you from going to court.

the benefits of divorce mediation

With years of expertise, our Brooklyn Park mediators help a divorcing couple reap the advantages of divorce mediation quickly and easily. Divorce mediation offers benefits such as:

  • Convenience: You can have your mediation sessions anywhere. Have them in the comfort of your home, at a restaurant, or elsewhere. Invite your family law attorney for extra protection during divorce litigation.
  • Confidentiality: Avoid court and prevent the public from accessing your records by getting mediation. All conversations that take place during mediation are confidential.
  • Control: Both parties control the discussion. You can make the best child custody decisions for your child, get insight from your attorney, and discuss the potential court process in detail with the mediator. The final decision is up to the affected parties, not their attorneys.
  • Cost savings: Instead of hiring attorneys the parties can save money by hiring a mediator. Compared to regular divorce litigation, mediation is much quicker and cheaper than the traditional process, meaning you can resolve conflict out of court and won’t have to pay court fees or an attorney.

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In addition to these benefits, you get a reliable professional to help you understand documents such as prenuptial agreements line by line. A divorce mediation provider understands family law well and can help you maintain your rights and provide legal services before signing the final divorce agreement.

how does it work?

The divorce mediation process dissolves your marriage in stages. The mediator keeps both parties and their attorneys in check with every step. The mediation process features the following steps:

  • Introduction: Parties introduce their case, and the mediator describes the mediation process.
  • Gathering information: The mediator learns about the case, finances, and more for proper negotiations.
  • Framing: Spouses detail their reasons for wanting specific settlement results. This helps the mediator resolve both parties’ pain points.
  • Negotiations: The mediator displays all possible options for successful mediation. The couple discusses the terms of the negotiation. They may also seek guidance from their attorneys.
  • Conclusion: The mediator creates a final written divorce agreement, and each party reviews it. Depending on your mediator, they may also help file the final agreement.

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Our divorce mediation services

At Divorce Financially, our team strives to make your divorce stress-free and straightforward with divorce mediation. Minnesota residents seeking an efficient divorce can turn to Divorce Financially to settle family law issues outside court.

Before speaking to a law firm, contact our team for divorce mediation with finances in mind. Call (952) 428-7800 today.

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